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How Is Pressure Washing Used in Carpet Cleaning?

Pressure washing is a process of removing dirt and grime from floors, walls and other areas with high-powered water jets. It is often done by professional commercial companies who use high-end equipment. Pressure washing is a popular alternative to regular cleaning methods because it does not require any chemicals, time consuming, messy or costly techniques. Learn more about Roof Cleaning.

High-pressure washing or steam power washing is a procedure using high-powered water spray on porous surfaces, which include floors, walls, cars and other concrete surfaces and so forth. It is an environmentally friendly solution to your household problems such as carpet stain removal. High-pressurized water is sprayed onto the floor or wall at high pressure, using high-frequency water jetters. The pressure and frequency are controlled by a hydraulic device. When the water hits the surface, the pressure will cause the dirt and grime to be attracted to the dirt and grime. This method works efficiently on concrete surfaces because concrete cannot absorb the water without breaking down into tiny pieces.

There are several advantages to using this type of cleaning on your homes and on your car on a regular basis. One advantage is that the cleaning is very cost effective and environmentally friendly. The cleaning is simple and fast, it can be done in just one day or less.

Another advantage is that the washing process doesn't take long to finish. You can complete a power washing job in less than two hours. Since this type of cleaning is more energy efficient than traditional carpet cleaning, it reduces your electric bill as well. Also, since it is cost effective, you can use the money you would have otherwise spent on high-priced carpet cleaning to further your home improvement. It also saves you money by helping you maintain the appearance of your home.

The main disadvantage of pressure washing is that it tends to damage carpeting. Because of the high pressure, dirt and grime can be absorbed into the fiber, so the longer you are around it, the more dirt and grime you will pick up on. This can result in a discolored carpet, although this may be a result of the chemical makeup of the cleaning solution, not the actual dirt itself.

Some experts recommend against using the high-pressurization method to clean your carpets because it could damage the fibers. Other experts suggest that there is a difference between a regular high-pressurized steam cleaning with a high-speed spray versus high-pitch jetting. However, these are both good solutions to power washing your carpet. Read more about
House Washing.

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